Reading theses to write a thesis

#Becomingeducational Nearing the end of the academic year…

… and what if your thoughts are turning to:

a) Writing your own thesis

b) Helping your students polish off their theses/dissertations?

Some simple tips and tricks from ‘Doctoral Writing’, May 2018

DoctoralWriting SIG

By Cally Guerin

One of the major challenges of writing a doctoral thesis is that the document submitted for examination doesn’t usually look much like the texts that PhD candidates read. For many students, the first six months or so is spent reading masses of articles, chapters and books, and the focus is on the content of those texts. Then they turn their attention to writing a markedly different genre. Even for those writing a thesis by publication, the document submitted for examination includes sections that do not resemble much of what they have been reading during candidature.

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