Get digitally creative over the summer!!

All year we have encouraged you who are #becomingeducational to get a bit digital! We prompted you to join MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) like #edcmooc, Edinburgh’s ‘E-learning and digital cultures course… and some of you did!! And passed!!

We also wanted you to be creative in your life, in your studies – and especially to think about becoming digitally creative so that you could be a super-teacher in the future!! To help here we suggested that you checked out #ds106 the digital storytelling website and that you did some of the challenges there… We’re not so sure whether any of you did this!! BOO!! But it is never too late!

The #ds106 lot are running some cool activities over the summer – that anyone can join in. They have built a ‘trailer’ for the Bergeron Family. The summer is about populating the trailer with the family members – and to celebrate Nana Loo’s 100th birthday! If you want to join in, you make up a bio for yourself – you join the family – and see what’s what.

You do not have to play – you can you watch and see what other people get up to when they play in virtual wolds… And of course – think about how you might use stuff that like this in your thinking, learning – and future teaching!

Here’s the blog link for the family:  – with an audio button that gives you a quick intro to the project – and what’s what – and how to join in…

It’s experimental – it’s about having a go – it’s playing and seeing what happens when you try to build a story in this way.

Ooooo 🙂

Go on! You know it makes sense!