The Power of Community

#becomingeducational W4 (2016-17)
Writing – patience – persistence and community
This beautiful blogpost on supporting writing with school children reminds me of last week’s blog: Sam Illingworth and using poetry for teaching…
It reminds me that we can develop JOYFUL writing habits of our own…
And that if we work with students we need to help them find their writing joy.
Here’s looking at you, kids!

Thinking Through My Lens

Our students are writers, but even a few short weeks ago many didn’t see themselves that way.  They were worried that they didn’t know how to spell, that their writing wasn’t “right,” that others knew something that they didn’t about this mysterious practice called writing.

Like we do every year, we’ve been working to build a community of learners and writers in our multiage class of first, second and third graders. And like Margaret Simon reminds us all in her #digilit post this week, that requires practice, patience, and persistence. Margaret was talking about the use of digital tools–but I would argue, it is the same with or without the digital tools.  But I want to remind us (and myself) that practice doesn’t mean drudgery.  Instead it means establishing a practice, regular opportunities to write in meaningful ways.  It means low stakes opportunities to explore the possibilities of writing, to…

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Sam Illingworth reflects on his TLC, using poetry in teaching

#becomingeducational W3 2016-2017

This year, Tom Burns & Sandra Sinfield have passed the baton of #becomingeducational to Sandra Abegglen and Aminul Hoque… So this blog is sort of really and to all practical purposes defunct – it will nolonger give an account of the weekly doings of our module.

However – from time to time we might find something of interest – that we would like to share or re-blog… AND – this is one such. We attended a Webinar (online seminar) on using poetry in HE. It was interesting – exciting – and cool. So we thought that we’d share the blogpost by Sam Illingworth who ran the Webinar – in which there is a link to the record of the event.

Happy New Academic Year!!


Sandra & Tom

(missing you already!!)



The webinar that I hosted as part of the Teaching and Learning Conversations was designed to introduce ways of using poetry in higher educational teaching. It was a really enjoyable webinar to host…

Source: Sam Illingworth reflects on his TLC, using poetry in teaching