W25 #becomingeducational You’re thinking about the Portfolios!

As always in #becomingeducational we will give class time to the assignments. So once the Performances are over we will have one week, W28, on your Portfolios and one week, W29, on the final essay… However, some of you want to get a head start – and we are already getting questions on the Portfolio – so here are some tips!

A cool portfolio is…

The Portfolio is where you show us what you have gained from the THREE PROJECTS that you have done.

We asked you to at least do:

Blogging to Learn

Develop a Digital Me

Group Performances.

BUT – you could do MORE than that – and then CHOOSE which three of your many projects you submit in this portfolio. The portfolio is worth 30% of the course marks. We designed it around Project Based Learning so that you would drive your own learning through your own interests and your own motivation.

You could make up or develop your own project idea – and as well as the three listed above, we suggested:

Reading – Make it fun

Sketch Books

Art and Artists

Writers and writing

Learning Project.

With each Project that you did, we wanted you to think of some sort of educational angle and/or some reason that someone who is becoming an educationalist would benefit from a project like that.

When presenting your projects in a portfolio:

Have a CONTENTS page that clearly indicates your THREE projects…

Make the portfolio itself something beautiful – take some pleasure and pride in it.

Remember the idea is to showcase your creativity – your ability to set your own goals – your ability to learn experientially – and to apply your learning to yourself as a student now – and to your future educationalist self.

When writing about your projects – think about answering these questions – for each portfolio item:

What did I do?


What did I get from the experience?

How might this impact on me as a student now and/or as an educationalist in the future?

Tip: keep your writing really brief and CONCISE – BUT do add some pix as evidence of your creative engagement and HUGE learning?

And finally

We hope that you did engage in some projects over the course of this year – and that you enjoyed the experience – a little bit of heutagogy?

AND – may be Project Based Learning is going to be a paragraph in your final Becoming essay?

But that will be the subject of another blog post!!





W23 & 24 #becomingeducational The Performances have started!

Each week (W23-27) there is a different group running the class – and boy are you giving us a lot of fun – and a lot of useful experiences!

W23 Selina and Natalie’s session on How to get a first and Dan and Megan’s Everything you wanted to know about being a digital student ran – in enhancement Week – and open to all Education Studies students. Mucho kudos to them for being brave enough to run their sessions – and for offering us such cool ones. I learned a lot – and I think everybody who attended did as well.


The W24 group ran a creative session – and we explored Kurdish folk dancing – a new angle on role playing to reveal our stresses and strains, and how we overcame them – and then some singing! It was experiential – it was fun – and for each of us we had to think: what did I get from this? How might I use something like this in my own practice…

As always – Tom and I were really impressed by your energy and commitment – and by how much you wanted us to enjoy and learn from your sessions! Thank you!