Learning Cycles & Feedback Loops

#Becomingeducational A very very belated Happy New Year!!

But it’s been worth the wait – for we have brought you this brilliant blogpost by Ed Foster.

Ed relates the learning cycle – the the points of student disengagement or struggle that should trigger our interventions…

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One of my first jobs after graduating was training students in transferrable skills. I read an enormous amount of training theory, text books on time management, systems-thinking, NLP, public-speaking etc. Certain keystone ideas stuck. One was of course David A Kolb’s (1984) experiential learning cycle. I can remember explaining it by modelling the process of learning how to open one of the doors to the training room. I’m certain that I’ll have used the simple version: act – reflect – make rules – plan rather than the fuller, more-sophisticated version. I’ve used it a lot with students and there’s often an ‘of course!’ revelation.

Screen grab of some of the range of learning analytics cycles and associated theories online

Learning cycles, feedback loops and systems thinking are all ideas that inherently feel right. I think it’s partly because there are some rock solid examples of these systems working (from the…

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