The Shed, the Grid and the Patchwork – Making Writing

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Tactile Academia

After our December workshops had gone down quite well, Falmouth University invited Pat and myself back to this time put together a whole day as part of the Writing in Creative Practice series – Making Writing.

We started off with making name tags in order to explore the materials available for reflective bookmaking – and I don’t think we ever had as many feathers to use before!

Pat then started us off with an extended Writing Warm-up, which we used to explore writing on different textures ending up with writing about both objects and photographs. Again, a very rich experience to loosen us up (we didn’t really need to warm up as the weather was absolutely fantastic!).

Nancy de Freitas then shared her expertise of coming to writing from a material studies background, talking about Writing and Materiality (Falmouth_workshop2) – starting us off with blue sky thinking, introducing the…

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Thinking through Writing and Making workshop – Linda’s thoughts

#becomingeducational Many of you used visual qualitative methods in your research projects – here’s another visual idea to try next time!

Tactile Academia

I attended Alke’s workshop, Thinking through Writing and Making and it really inspired me to think differently about my research.  I am a PhD student in the Geography department at Staffordshire University and my project is about mapping creative networks in Stoke-on-Trent.  As part of my field work I asked 30 participants to make a map of their network while narrating the story of what they were doing over the five year period 2007-2011.  They had one flip chart size piece of paper and four pens.  I was surprised at how easily people took to the exercise and how little I needed to direct or prompt which meant that I was doing a lot less talking than if I had gone down the more orthodox qualitative route of semi-structured interviews.  I found the process of map-making seemed to lead them naturally to reflect on their processes and to uncover their…

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Symposium Aftermath: Our new website

#becomingeducational is founded on the concept of critical pedagogies and emancipatory practices – keep an eye on this website…

Critical Pedagogies: Equality and Diversity in a Changing Institution

Dear All,

Inspired by the constructive feedback and conversations surrounding the symposium, we have built a new dialogic platform dedicated to sharing ideas, resources and experiences surrounding critical pedagogies, social justice and issues of equality and diversity in education.  We hope to build on the international networks established during the symposium and continue our conversations and encourage future collaborations. We will frequently update the site with ideas, resources and reports related to the project.  We also warmly welcome contributions to the project from educators, activists, students and researchers from different backgrounds whose work engages with issues we aim to explore. In addition, we welcome calls for papers, events and publications related to the project.

For more information, please visit our new site! We look forward to hearing from you!

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