reGenring conference 2 – who’ll be there

#becomingeducational W24: It’s the end of term… Fancy a free conference?

Nick Sousanis – he who produced his PhD as a comic book: – will be presenting at this one day event on reGenring at Nottingham Trent University.

We have long been convinced by the power of re-genring – it takes deep thought, careful structuring and editing to turn information that is presented in one form into that ‘same’ information – but presented in another form. This is why we set our first year students (yes – that mans you #becomingeducational!!) the task of exploring the university and its learning spaces – and then to present their findings NOT as a Poster Presentation – but as knitting, poetry, jigsaw puzzle, 3D artefact, comic book, animation, video, collage:

We argue that this challenging re-genring of what they see brings about powerful engagement with their observations – and provides moments of meta-analysis…

AND – that is what this event is all about… See you on the 21st June?

Tactile Academia

Cover of Unflattening

I am happy to announce that Dr Nick Sousanis, author of the wonderful Unflattening, is going to be one of our invited speakers in the morning of the ReGenring conference at Nottingham Trent (see here for the Call for Practice). The title of his talk will be ‘Unflattening: reimagining scholarship through comics’ . Instead of an abstract, have a look at this page of Unflattening

Page 64 of Unflattening by Nick Sousanis

Also joining us will be Dr Fiona English, author of Student Writing and Genre, who will facilitate the end of day discussion. There have been some really interesting responses to the Call for Practice, and we can expect examples of genred and regenred work in form of comic books, radio plays, posters, poems, blogs, exhibitions, magazines and videos – don’t forget to let me know if you want to…

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