[VIDEO] How I Stopped Getting Irritated With People

#becomingeducational W18: We all share the same humanity…
Or how to stop getting frustrated with other people.
This short (3.5min) vlog emphasises that we all share the same hopes, fears, dreams and goals – so when we get angry or frustrated with people (our tutors – other students – the pupils we will teach) – try a little empathy – and learn to let our anger go…
In that vein – what video would you make to help people find their empathy?

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Think Schedules and Fun Don’t Mix? Think Again! TUB-Thump 028

#becomingeducational W16: Start again more slowly – and with more FUN!!

The last few weeks have felt like a ghost town… It’s not that the students have not been there – they have. BUT all of them so burdened with so many assignments all seeming to need to be done at once – that no one has had time to smile, to chat, to unwind for a minute.
It has all been stress and hard work and grim faces.
This blog from The University blog (aka TUB thumping) looks at how to plan your work whilst still building in space for spontaneity and fun.
Have a read – have a look – have a listen… and see what you can take away to make your learning that little bit more enjoyable and more successful.
We’d really like it if you also added some of your thoughts, tips and other comments in the Comments box.
All the best for the last half year!!
Sandra & Tom



When we aim to have fun, we want as much fun as possible from the activity. That’s obvious!

But when I heard that scheduling your free time can take away some of that fun, I thought “Uh-oh…How do I deal with that?”

Since I go on so much about making sure you plan your time well–including your free time–I was worried that the sensible advice may be inadvertently spoiling your enjoyment.

Luckily, the study by Selin Malkoc and Gabriela Tonietto also suggests how to have the best of both worlds. That’s what I talk about in Episode 028 of TUB-Thump.

Even better, the study seems to confirm what I recently talked about too. You can combine routines and spontaneity in student life.

In fact, that combo could be the answer to ALL THE THINGS. (Okay, okay. Some of the things.)

Now you’ve got no excuse for not…

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