What is a Learning Developer?

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What is a learning developer?

Can a discipline academic create a learning development space in their curriculum or classes – to facilitate emancptory education – that allows the student to become the professional that they want to be?

Or does the fact of assessment – and the judgement and power that that confers obviate learning development in the curriculum?

Great questions – I hope – and many thanks to Helen Webster for posing them on her blog in the first place!!

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‘I’m a Learning Developer’.

It’s not easy explaining what you do. Friends and acquaintances will gain only a hazy idea from this term, teachers and lecturers may feel that they, too, develop learning, don’t they? and colleagues in other student services such as English for Academic Purposes or Librarians may be on the defensive, as you describe in more detail what you offer: ‘but we teach that!’.

I’m fascinated by and enjoy interprofessional working – I love finding out how other colleagues work and how they conceptualise what they do – those glimpses into the arcane knowledge of another profession. Since Learning Development in large part arose from those professions – counselling, disability support, English for Academic Purposes, librarian information literacy teaching, subject teaching – it’s hard to situate what we do as distinct, which can muddy waters for staff and students, and lead to tensions in interprofessional working.

But I…

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