#Becomingeducational W21: Of luvvies and gamers

This week we got into our Performance Groups – and somehow there are now FIVE of them – to have some time planning our sessions. Performances start immediately after Easter and run across weeks 23, 24, 25, 26 and 27! Phew. Each group has control over THREE HOURS – from 09.00-12.00 – you can fill up all three hours – or allocate time for setting up and so forth. The choice is yours! BUT – let us KNOW what resources you will need – and WHAT TIME – you want the class to appear.

Getting that Performance sorted – things to think about

Evaluating needs: what is my study space? What does it offer? Who are my students – what are their strengths and needs? What is this course/performance/event – and what is it trying to achieve?

Organising materials: what resources are needed: before/during/after?

Defining goals: what do I want the students to experience? What do they want to learn – how do I know?

Selecting instructional mode and techniques: didactic/experiential/solitary/dialogic… What have I chosen and why?

Content sequence: beginning/middle/end? Other? Why?

Assessment and Feedback: How will I know that the session has been successful? What is success in this context?

Student feedback: Will I be seeking feedback from participants? How? Why?

 A, A, Artefact Mooc December 2010 116

Game-ify your learning

Next – we had a splashy and busy session – designing games – with a developmental or Becoming an Educationalist focus… with pitches… We enjoyed all this busy-ness – what did you all think?

AND – did you produce something that is now ready to refine and play as part of your Performance Week?

Tip: As always – reflect: why did we do this? Why did we do it this way? How might I use this in the future?

Questions about Portfolio: evidence of THREE projects

We’ve had some people asking about the portfolio element of the final assessment – due in, in W29. The portfolio has to include evidence of engagement in THREE creative projects – and the joy experienced and lessons learned…

Remember – you will have engaged in several projects for us:

* Observation of formal/informal learning spaces and multimodal exhibition – participant observation – preparing for your Real Research… The challenge and joy of producing a multimodal artefact – rather than – say – an essay…

* Blogging to learn – setting up your blogs – blogging – illustrating and customising blogs – commenting on the blogs of others – and realising the learning potential of blogging

* Develop a digital me: the challenge and difficulty of this – the way you solved the problems – the pride and joy …

* Performance: all of the above!!

You can submit reflections on any three of them… anything that showcases your engagement – growth – joy – development… OR – you can do another SMALL project – for example:

* Explore an artist or some art work that inspires you – what is it about it that is so captivating – how might you use that in your practice as an educationalist?

* Explore an author or some writing (novel/poetry/other) that inspires you – what is it about it that is so captivating – how might you use that in your practice as an educationalist?

* Explore a musician … or dancer.. or scientist… that inspires you – what is it that is so captivating – how might you use that in your practice as an educationalist?

* Attempt to learn something completely new and different – record your learning journey – share highlights of it in some creative way…

FOR THIS ONE – try to have some FUN and JOY!!


Good luck,

Sandra & Tom