Zen and the Art of Learning Development

#Becomingeducational My name is… and I am an expert Learning Developer

We are posting this re-blog from Helen Webster because her thoughts on the status and role of the Learning Developer here is so thoughtful and nuanced – so absolutely insightful and spot on – that it has taken our collective breath away.

A wonderful coda to #aldcon…

And we could think of no better way of wishing you all a Happy Easter!!

All the best,

Sandra & Tom

rattus scholasticus

At the ALDinHE conference this year, two colleagues, Carina Buckley and Louise Frith, presented some work they’ve been doing on professional identity within LD. They outlined a model of how within a distributed community of practice like ALDinHE, we might grow in expertise through moving through various roles or levels of networkedness. We discussed this model, where we might locate ourselves, how we’ve progressed and where the sticking points were.

During this discussion, something emerged which I’ve observed in other conversations with LDers. Everyone shied away from that central status, Expert.

There’s various reasons why this might be. For lower status professions in Higher Education, the term ‘Expert’ might seem reserved for academics, not for the likes of us who don’t spend our lives researching and teaching in a specialised field. It might also be to do with the way knowledge is broken up into disciplines – we LDers teach…

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