Defence against the Dark Arts of LD

#Becomingeducational This one’s for our Academic Mentors!!

We at LondonMet were very lucky recently to have the wonderful Dr Webster run an ALDinHE Regional Event at ours – on one-to-ones.

It was an inspiring day – full of deep thinking and practical ideas. So, we are really happy to re-blog Helen’s thoughts on the dark arts – with a special focus on the FivePs of learning development.

thank you Helen for that great event – and thank you again for this thoughtful follow up.

Sandra & Tom

rattus scholasticus

I wrote previously about the 5 Ps of LD model I developed as part of the training on one to one work: Presenting Problem, Pertinent Factors, Perception of Task, Process and Product. In discussions with participants on those training days, it became clear that there’s a number of ways in which that model could be understood, not all of which are in keeping with the student-centred, ethical ethos we LDers promote.

The roots of the 5 Ps model lie in the practices of psychologists and counsellors. The original 5 Ps come from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and encompass the Presenting Problem, with the Predisposing, Precipitating,  Protective and Perpetuating factors, which, when explored with the client, build a multifacted mutual understanding of the problem.

The approach they belong to is called formulation, and it was developed to address the problems inherent in a diagnostic model when it is applied…

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