Learning Developer as Therapist?

#becomingeducational Year of Learning Development: learning developer as therapist?

We are so happy that our year of learning development is coincidental with Helen Webster dusting off her excellent blog and delivering so many thought-provoking, informative and just darn useful posts on the what, why and how of learning development.
Helen is doing this as she leads a Writing Centre and contributes to ALDinHE’s (http://www.aldinhe.ac.uk/) Professional Development Working Group and the development of a range of PD opportunities for those in Learning Development roles across the sector.
How lucky are we?
Anyway – in this post Helen muses on the role of learning developer through the lens of the notion of a therapeutic community.
Add your Comments?
Sandra & Tom

rattus scholasticus

There was recently a very interesting discussion on the LDHEN list about the role of Learning Development in shaping the university as a therapeutic community. I was interested in the word ‘therapeutic’ as it relates to Learning Development, and my contributions were largely about whether what we do could be construed as therapy, given that we sometimes work in similar ways to therapists such as counsellors. I pursued this line of thinking further offline, in discussion with other colleagues but also with my family members, who are clinical psychologists and social workers and very insightful on the topic. This was really useful in helping me further articulate what I think LD is, and where the boundaries are. I’ve reproduced some of my comments on the email list here together with the further thoughts from discussions with my family and colleagues.

I don’t think Learning Development is a therapeutic activity. For…

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