The Danger of the Comfort Zone

#becomingeducational Recognises this post from fellow LDer Helen Webster
How many times do we see the subtlety and nuance of our work reduced to – could you just check my spelling or from lecturers – they can’t write – can you give them help with their spelling, punctuation and grammar?
As Helen says in her elegant post below – we are learning developers – and we care about writing as a medium for learning – and of course as the most popular and privileged form through which students will be assessed.
We typically believe that the elements of writing – that grammar and syntax – will improve through meaningful writing habits and practices… and that where students fear writing and only write for assessment – they will not develop the writing habit that will also develop their writing practices.
Anyway – Helen says it so much better – so do read her blog.
Happy summer!

rattus scholasticus

I don’t care about writing.

For someone with a degree in Modern Languages, who heads something called the Writing Development Centre, who loves literature and language and who winces at grocer’s apostrophe’s, that’s a pretty bold statement.

Many students and academic staff expect that a major part of my role is to be the Grammar Police, waging a war against poor writing, the abused apostrophe, the careless comma, the split infinitive and the dangling modifier. Lecturers ask me to teach students to improve their grammar and sort out their syntax; students perk up when I show them a list of conjunctions which will improve their cohesion, a ‘recipe’ for writing a paragraph or the rules of their/there/they’re. That’s what they want me to do, that’s what they think will help.

In the context of Learning Development though, I care about writing only in as much as it is the medium…

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