Spotlight on…the Padlet Project

#becomingeducational It’s the summer… time to be impressed –
by this wonderful project
We’ve just been blown away by the empowering and supportive Padlet project – and the way that it has sought to help students make sense of their reading – and of academia itself.
Have a look at what they’ve done – and see what you think!
Sandra & Tom

The Active Learning Network

What is the Padlet Project?

The Padlet Project is an active learning initiative developed by Wendy Garnham in conjunction with the Technology Enhanced Learning team at University of Sussex for use with Foundation Year Psychology students.

Why was the project developed?

Traditional seminars were dominated by one or two more confident students whilst a number of other students either remained silent or had not completed the necessary reading before arriving. Students who experienced some anxiety about attending seminars found it difficult to walk into a room where others were already seated and waiting to begin. Student engagement reduced across the term.

How does the Padlet Project work?

The Padlet Project is now entering Phase 3 in its development. Below is a timeline of how the project has developed.

Phase 1:

Before the seminar, students were expected to read a key seminar paper. As students entered the seminar room, they immediately…

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