Sharing ReGenring – with a little help from my template

#becomingeducational Gets all #reGenring17
The power of reGenring was explored and celebrated at #reGenring17 – NTU this June.
It was a fabulous day – full of excitement, fun and laughter – not something you can always say about an academic conference!
This post looks at the power of reGenring – and the way that ALke structured this with her Poster Template…
What reGenring so you do?

Tactile Academia

Here the first follow-up post promised in my write up of the #ReGenring17 conference.

For the afternoon we had scheduled a ‘Sharing Session’ – essentially some time for people to just talk to each other. In order to give some broader starting points than just the keynotes, I had put out a Call for Practice as a first announcement of the conference, and quite a few people had responded to that.

The idea was that people would pick an example of their genring practice to show off, so that delegates could have a look at this. I had decided to give a structure to this by asking the sharers to fill in a very basic questionnaire about their projects to send to me the week previously, which I then fitted into a basic template. So everybody who shared their work had a poster that was following the same format.

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