Dissertations: What *are* you doing?!

#becomingeducational W30 plus one – are we there yet?

So we’re heading into the summer vacation…

Some of you are leaving – your three years already over (we SAID they’d go by so quickly – and you laughed!). We will miss you – and we wish you well.

Some of you are heading into your second or third years – and for both of these groups, your Dissertation should be looming large:
– heading into the second year you might be toying with some ideas for that final year project
– heading into the third year that dissertation is a reality biting!

Here are some really useful questions to help settle your direction …

Good luck all!

Sandra & Tom

rattus scholasticus

I wrote recently about using questions to think about writing as a dialogue rather than a monologue and make the reader more present in the writer’s mind. We’re getting towards the summer now, and therefore dissertations, and I’ve been coming back to the use of questions in my teaching to help students get a handle on their dissertation.

Dissertations are a one-off assignment. Students may do many essays over the course of a degree, which allows them to get a feel for them, within the predefined constraints of the task, and feed forward their learning into future essays. Not so with the dissertation. It’s often the longest thing they have written to date, and moreover the most open-ended, as its one of the few opportunities they will have to generate their own question. If writing assessment questions is hard enough for those of us with some teacher training, how much…

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