Introductions: What’s this all about then?

#becomingeducational W30 You’re thinking of endings – but what about those beginnings – what about your Introductions?
It’s nearly the end of the year: first year students are wrapping up those final final coursework pieces – second years may be tidying up that Project proposal, the thing that’s going to lead them into that third and final year – and third years may be sitting there right now polishing up that Dissertation…

Whichever description above best fits you – spare just five minutes to read THIS cool re-blogged post.

ANSWER the questions that it poses – and you will find that that essay, that proposal and, yes, that Dissertation will take a much clearer shape in your mind… And you will introduce it/them better too.
Good luck with those final pieces of work for this year!!
Sandra & Tom

rattus scholasticus

I think the point when I started to become a learning developer rather than a subject teacher was when I realised that I didn’t have to have the answers, only the questions. It was very liberating! Since then, I’ve used questions a lot in my work, but one of the most useful ways is in teaching students how to structure their work. Thinking of writing as a dialogue, not a monologue, anticipating what the reader’s questions will be, almost like an interview rather than an essay, helps them think of their audience and create this mysterious thing called ‘flow’ which writing is supposed to have.

It’s a particularly useful approach when teaching introductions. Introductions can be a pain to write – not the essay proper yet, none of the ‘real’ meat of the writing, but a necessary formality to get out of the way before you can get on with…

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