#LTHEchat 85: The wicked problem of creative teaching and assessment #creativeHE

#becomingeducational W29 It’s not over till it’s over!
As HE becomes ever more marketised, commodified – measured – as the TEF looms with all its surveillance and regulation flaws… how can we chase the joy – the creativity – the optimism and the potential of having three years to think – study – experiment?
How can we develop a creative HE?
Here’s a brilliant post on the potential of creativity for developing positive HE practice…
AND – Wednesday 24th May – there will be a #LTHEChat on this starting 8pm BST – on Twitter.
Do join in!
AND – Don’t forget – this week there is a #creativeHE running here:
You are more than welcome to join this also!
All the best,
Sandra & Tom


This week we have Professor Paul Kleiman providng the questions on the topic of ‘the wicked problem of creative teaching and assessment’. This chat is linked to the open course #creativeHE which is offered this week.  On Wednesday, please use #LTHEchat and #creativeHE during the chat. Thank you.

Paul has the story of D, over to Paul.

The Story of D.

“Arts education is a seriously funny business. We demand that students conform to the formalities of the university and yet we secretly hope they will practise wild, if subtle rebellion. We require them to be versed in inherited theoretical vocabularies, but need them to energise us with some previously unseen thing. Besides, these days their lecturers are generally up to something even more weird, spending day after day away from the studios in interminable admin meetings. The very fact that so many students survive the contradictions is in itself wonderfully…

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