A Contrary View: Critiquing Discourses of Resilience in Education

#becomingeducational Don’t get resilient – get even!!
This is a fascinating post on resilience – which is becoming a new buzzword in HE…
Of course we all need the ability to bounce back from errors – to learn from mistakes – and not let ‘failure’ destroy us – BUT…
That is surely not what the resilience narrative is all about – and if it is not about that – what is it trying to do – why – and to whom?
check out this blog post – and then think of how to use it in framing your own attitudes to education – to teaching/learning/assessment…
And if you are heading for Exams – or for the submission of that final piece of coursework – more power to your elbow!!
All the best,
Sandra & Tom

Fruits of the pedagogic life

Sat at the Association of National Teaching Fellows one-day event in sunny Birmingham, I found myself engaging in passive-aggressive tweeting about bloody neo‘resilience’. On my return, I complained about my disquiet with the way the term, and what it has come to stand for, have become pervasive in some parts of education. With great relief, I discovered that my office-mate Dr Nicola Rivers, shares some of my views. Out of our conversation, we have tried to capture the core of what, in a Higher Education context, is so problematic about the narratives on resilience, grit, Millennials, ‘snowflakes’ and academic buoyancy that seem so omnipresent.

There are things we leave out, such as the place of Mindfulness practice, discussions around ‘trigger warnings’, and free-speech on campus; and we hope to write a fuller version of this post, which includes them, possibly for publication elsewhere, but this is an…

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