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#becomingeducational W27: Transformative Learning – are we there yet?
This re-blogged post speaks to the heart of the Becoming an Educationalist module.
Becoming was designed to create a space for our own transformations…
Becoming was full of role play, simulations, collage, artwork… all designed to help us see education and learning processes ‘differently’ – for it is only when we can ‘de-school’ ourselves away from our previous educational experiences – that we can work out what education can and could be – and thus decide the sort of education we want to enable – and the sort of educationalist we want to be.
This re-blogged post shares the experiences of another tutor who has just that sort of approach to her own practice.



By Raka Tavashmi

Seven years ago as a young psychologist I walked away from academia; my work felt lifeless, dry words and data, no feeling or soul. As if I had left some hearty parts of myself somewhere secret and couldn’t bring it in to work, what a shame. I then started learning about health and the arts and how to be more real… and to recover from my education somewhat.

Now I find myself working with university students, teaching them about connection, caring and creativity, sharing life-skills I learnt from my own explorations and from outside the university walls. I’ve become the strange person who carries around her Box of Random Objects and makes people doodle and play to learn about listening, imagining and creating.

On 24 April I attended a conference on Transformative Learning, and here I found that my practice has more links to scholarly work than…

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