The Flow of Looking, Making and Learning

#becomingeducational It’s W11, 2016-17
‘Where has the time gone?’ you are all crying as you dash off and away – far from university and its cares and travails…
Here’s a brilliant blog on more ways to bring creativity to your TEACHING and LEARNING – the LOOK-MAKE-LEARN event supported by the ASSOCIATION FOR LEARNING DEVELOPMENT IN HIGHER EDUCATION ( – and dripping with #creativeHE (…
… all at Huddersfield last week!
Hope you enjoy this – and happy Christmas – peace, love and joy…
All the best,
Sandra & Tom

Tactile Academia

Last Friday’s Look, Make and Learn event at the University of Huddersfield for me ended up as a reminder of ‘flow’ – and the joy of having time and space to just explore.

Sarah Williamson started us off with a session on “Bookmaking for visual thinking, recording and reflection”.  As readers of this blog will know reflective bookmaking is a wonderful tool of exploring thoughts and while working on mine (not quite finished yet, but see below for some pictures of its current state) I realised how long it has been since I actually took the time to make one.

Sarah showing how to make an Instant Book Sarah showing how to make an Instant Book

Sarah started us off with nice and easy by showing us how to make an Instant Book (sometimes also called Beak Book) out of an A3 photocopy of a map. (If you want to make your own Instant Book, check out…

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