What makes for good teaching? The students’ perspectives

As you are all students who are becoming educationalists… We thought that you would be interested in this thoughtful and useful post.
AND… perhaps just may be if you have not yet thought of your own dissertation projects – this could be something to investigate yet further?
All the best,
Sandra & Tom


One of the great things about our students’ association, EUSA, is its commitment to affirming and celebrating the fantastic teaching that takes place here at the University of Edinburgh.  This is recognised in the annual Teaching Awards in which students are invited to nominate their best teachers in a range of different categories.  Shortlists are drawn up and winners duly selected and announced at a special awards ceremony.


There’s a lot of data out there about the teaching awards – after all, over 3,000 nominations come in each year – and that raises interesting questions about what we can learn from the survey responses.  What can they tell us about who has been nominated and why?  With these questions in mind, EUSA undertook some research on the Teaching Awards to ask what exactly students define as good teaching.  To do this they took all the responses from the nominations made…

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