W23 & 24 #becomingeducational The Performances have started!

Each week (W23-27) there is a different group running the class – and boy are you giving us a lot of fun – and a lot of useful experiences!

W23 Selina and Natalie’s session on How to get a first and Dan and Megan’s Everything you wanted to know about being a digital student ran – in enhancement Week – and open to all Education Studies students. Mucho kudos to them for being brave enough to run their sessions – and for offering us such cool ones. I learned a lot – and I think everybody who attended did as well.


The W24 group ran a creative session – and we explored Kurdish folk dancing – a new angle on role playing to reveal our stresses and strains, and how we overcame them – and then some singing! It was experiential – it was fun – and for each of us we had to think: what did I get from this? How might I use something like this in my own practice…

As always – Tom and I were really impressed by your energy and commitment – and by how much you wanted us to enjoy and learn from your sessions! Thank you!



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