Recreating todays lesson at home. Music and learning

#becomingeducational W22: The Musical session

This week we invited our old friend and mucker Dave Griffiths to run a session on Music and learning.
We have been to one of Dave’s sessions where we used our voices in call and response and musical rounds, gradually building up our confidence so that we could improvise… and perform differently in different situations (I wowed them at Glastonbury!)…

This week Dave took us through attributes of music – tone, pitch, timbre – volume – rhythm…

And then improvised – the results were astonishing – three amazing compositions that captured a sky dive – a shoal of fish – and rowing… row row rowing… gently up the stream! Brilliant!

Thanks Dave! Thanks to everyone who joined in with such passion…
And thank YOU for writing this week’s class blog!!

Happy Easter everybody!!

Becoming an educationalist blog

Today we had a session on music and learning, It was inspiring, so I set it up at home. One happy 4 year old and an even happier 25 year old.

I had so much fun today during the lesson, It was also great to work with other students in a setting we haven’t covered before, or even usually do. None of us in the group even know how to play an instrument! We were asked to create a piece of music that reflected a picture we were given. We had a picture of rowing boats and made a fun version of row row row your boat. We had rhythm and suspense and it was AMAZE :D.
Music through learning is great for every age and this in particular can help the little ones analyze and critically think without even knowing it. It was 100% learning through play and the…

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