#Becomingeducational W21: Of luvvies and gamers

This week we got into our Performance Groups – and somehow there are now FIVE of them – to have some time planning our sessions. Performances start immediately after Easter and run across weeks 23, 24, 25, 26 and 27! Phew. Each group has control over THREE HOURS – from 09.00-12.00 – you can fill up all three hours – or allocate time for setting up and so forth. The choice is yours! BUT – let us KNOW what resources you will need – and WHAT TIME – you want the class to appear.

Getting that Performance sorted – things to think about

Evaluating needs: what is my study space? What does it offer? Who are my students – what are their strengths and needs? What is this course/performance/event – and what is it trying to achieve?

Organising materials: what resources are needed: before/during/after?

Defining goals: what do I want the students to experience? What do they want to learn – how do I know?

Selecting instructional mode and techniques: didactic/experiential/solitary/dialogic… What have I chosen and why?

Content sequence: beginning/middle/end? Other? Why?

Assessment and Feedback: How will I know that the session has been successful? What is success in this context?

Student feedback: Will I be seeking feedback from participants? How? Why?

 A, A, Artefact Mooc December 2010 116

Game-ify your learning

Next – we had a splashy and busy session – designing games – with a developmental or Becoming an Educationalist focus… with pitches… We enjoyed all this busy-ness – what did you all think?

AND – did you produce something that is now ready to refine and play as part of your Performance Week?

Tip: As always – reflect: why did we do this? Why did we do it this way? How might I use this in the future?

Questions about Portfolio: evidence of THREE projects

We’ve had some people asking about the portfolio element of the final assessment – due in, in W29. The portfolio has to include evidence of engagement in THREE creative projects – and the joy experienced and lessons learned…

Remember – you will have engaged in several projects for us:

* Observation of formal/informal learning spaces and multimodal exhibition – participant observation – preparing for your Real Research… The challenge and joy of producing a multimodal artefact – rather than – say – an essay…

* Blogging to learn – setting up your blogs – blogging – illustrating and customising blogs – commenting on the blogs of others – and realising the learning potential of blogging

* Develop a digital me: the challenge and difficulty of this – the way you solved the problems – the pride and joy …

* Performance: all of the above!!

You can submit reflections on any three of them… anything that showcases your engagement – growth – joy – development… OR – you can do another SMALL project – for example:

* Explore an artist or some art work that inspires you – what is it about it that is so captivating – how might you use that in your practice as an educationalist?

* Explore an author or some writing (novel/poetry/other) that inspires you – what is it about it that is so captivating – how might you use that in your practice as an educationalist?

* Explore a musician … or dancer.. or scientist… that inspires you – what is it that is so captivating – how might you use that in your practice as an educationalist?

* Attempt to learn something completely new and different – record your learning journey – share highlights of it in some creative way…

FOR THIS ONE – try to have some FUN and JOY!!


Good luck,

Sandra & Tom


2 thoughts on “#Becomingeducational W21: Of luvvies and gamers

  1. This lesson was very engaging, the group which I am in were very interested in gaming and thought this would be a useful session in which we could mould our own performance in Week 25. Using our observational skills we were able to see if many would participate in our session if we focused on gaming. Thank you for all your great sessions which are always useful.

  2. We’re glad that this session worked like that – that was the idea! Last year we were less structured – offering a range of resources and just asking small groups to design a game from scratch…. I am torn because I think that that more open set of instructions really helped some people – but left others floundering – and this version was so constrained it shut off creativity for some… Hmmmmmm

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