#becomingeducational – the #getahead week!!
This week ‘becomingeducational was lodged within the #getahead conference and – as #IamDanJordan might say – that was supercool because Dom one of last year’s students organsed it – and Dan and Megan and Natalie and Selina from this year’s fabulous class both ran workshops at it!!
Tom and I are really proud of you: for presenting – for attending – for your engagement, creativity and good humour!
Well done folks…
If this is what you did this week – can’t wait for your ‘performance’ weeks!

The Social Hand Grenade

Welcome along!

This week we don’t have any scheduled classes as it is a study week. I know what you’re thinking – “Why are you even writing/bothering us with a blog post?” – and it is a good question. Let me tell you for why:

  1. Because one of the main reasons I started this blog was to get into the habit of writing regularly, observationallyandcritically. It has become a ritual that is hard to break.
  2. Because this week has been host to our ‘Get Ahead‘ conference!

The Get Ahead conference is an event that this year was organised by a second year education student called Dom (from our Zig Zag writing session a few weeks ago). It was full of handy workshops aimed at improving our study skills, and helping with post graduate employment prospects. As you can see from the leaflet below, there…

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