#becomingeducational W17: Analyse all this – and WRITE

This week was about developing those RESEARCH REPORTS.
We know that you are going to collect good, rich data… BUT that data needs to be USED WELL!

We want you to be able to analyse your findings – and make the most of them.

We want you to develop the way that you write about and discuss ideas, data and theory – so that you showcase your work and your understanding to best effect…

And that is what these weeks are all about – we hope you are finding them challenging – but useful.

This week Dan managed to blog first – so we are happily re-blogging his post.

NEXT WEEK: GetAhead!! Good luck to Selena and Natalie for their workshop!! Good luck to the #becomingeducational media team who are going to capture the whole event… And good luck to Dom and the other second years (Meredith and Regina) who are organising this year’s Splash!!

* Reviewing and developing what we have done this week – and
* Peer Review and developing those real research reports!!

See you all next week!!

The Social Hand Grenade

Today we started off the lesson by rearranging the tables in to 5 islands. Group work ahoy! Tom then rewarded us for our physical exertion with a cup of tea (Gentleman AND a scholar). This week we continued to discuss “the most critical aspect of our module right now”, which is our understanding and use of analytical skills

To begin we talked about data gathering, and how we need to analyse our findings to discover our primary data. From this we need to discover the inherent themes that we have deciphered from our findings, then discuss our findings in relation to our literature review and research proposal question.

Next, we watched a short documentary called ‘Z-A’ that had been produced by a former education studies student who graduated with a first class honours degree. Our aim was to watch and analyse the video, then to pick out…

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