“I wouldn’t call Blake a stand up comedian…”

W14: #becomingeducational
This week we started preparing for the Research Report – with a special focus on ANALYSING DATA.

We opened with a discussion about TMD (topic mediated dialogue) – including as a research tool – and considered how we would COLLECT DATA from a TMD session… and then how we would ANALYSE THAT DATA.

We moved on to analyse Blake’s London – modelling the slowness, focus and intensity of the data analysis process…

THEN – we had our own TMD session on ‘cheating’ – to model this as a research tool – and of course to model the data collection and analysis process…

BUT – why am I writing all this – when Dan has said it all so much better!! Thanks Dan!

The Social Hand Grenade

This weeks class quiz:

1 – What is Topic Mediated Dialogue (TMD)? Topic mediated dialogue is a way of encouraging discussion by setting specific topics. It is super useful for research

2 – How do we collect TMD data? We can collect the data be recording or filming conversations as they take place, taking notes about key points that have been discussed, with transcripts from digital discussions (such as via email or whatsapp) or by interviewing participants once the conversation is finished. 

3 – How do we analyse the data ? We analyse the information we collect by compiling all the raw date and taking our time to interpret what we have, looking for ideas and themes that connect or mirror our literature review. 

Next, we were all given a copy of the poem ‘London’ by William Blake, and as a group we read it line by line, discussing our…

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