Week 12- Digital Me

#becomingeducational W12: Poster Exhibition and Digital Me Showcase!!

Oh boy!! What a wonderful Exhbition – what fabulous artefacts!
I hope that you are all as impressed as we were – and that you are all really proud of what you managed to achieve – in so little time and with so many other things to do!!
Thank you to thanarsana for providing us with this wonderful blog!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of us!!


The time has now come. To present … our digital me , WHOHOOOOOOOOOO! Today was the day, were each group had to present their artefact to the rest of the class.

To begin the session, Tom and Sandra gave the beginning of the lesson to make finishing touches to our posters (if we had any), and to set up our artefacts. The image below shows what I and my team have created:

IMG_0967[1]Once this task was undertaken, I myself then viewed each poster, which was produced by other groups . I then made  comments from my perspective of what I thought the poster was about. The image below shows I am giving feedback on one of the posters ( a student took a snap of me giving feedback on their poster- to show evidence that they are gaining feedback. Snapchat is a social app [this can also be a digital method, which…

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