#becomingeducational: W6: Presenting the reading

This week everybody gathered back together after the participant observations around the university… to finalise our notemaking from reading the key articles – ready to present back to the rest of the class.

Our Chris recorded your notes:


Did you make notes of all the different presentations? If you did – you could have THREE PAPERS to use in your Literature Review.

For guidance on Literature Reviews:




Without reflection – all the powerful learning that comes about when we learn in this way – when we read in this way – when we collaborate in this way – when we make notes in this way… is lost!!

Don’t lose it! Reflect on it!

Make sure that you write briefly but in a focused way on what we have done – how we did it – why we did it – and all the things that someone who is becoming an educationalist could get from such a session.



Our sessions are designed to model active learning – how do they relate to notions of ‘making and maker spaces’ in education? Check out the Nerdy Teacher blog:



Remember – W7 is the multimodal exhibition. Your chance to exhibit all the different artefacts that you produced to reveal what you learned about the university and the learning that occurs in its formal and informal learning spaces.

Please – can we all get in at nine – to set up the room as an exhibition space – ready for people to come and see what you have done at ten.

You will not be presenting as such – your exhibit will be doing the speaking for you!! So – consider whether you need to make a LABEL to clearly explain your intentions!!

Good luck – and looking forward to Wednesday!!


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