#becomingeducational W5: Observing teaching and learning – getting multi-modal

What a great week! We saw many of you in Enricos – and many more of you in the Learning Centre – dashing around observing all the different sorts of learning activities that were taking place in all the different sorts of learning spaces… And we saw people making their collages, comics and posters – getting ready to share their findings in W7. We are really looking forward to all the 3-D objects, the jig saw puzzles, the knitting, the videos, the comics, collages, animations and Posters that you are making…

Here are some tools that might help you:

PowToons: http://www.powtoon.com/tutorials/

Comic Strip: http://www.makebeliefscomix.com/Comix/

Storybird: http://storybird.com/classes/becoming-educational/

Or the upsidedown academy: http://www.upsidedownacademy.org/

And then someone said: what about ‘dance’ – how can I represent my findings through dance?!

Dance it!!

And – no – we are not crazy suggesting that you think about using dance. The science community has a competition where people are invited to dance their PhDs’: http://gonzolabs.org/dance/

This is one of our favourites:


So – how would you go about representing your observations though dance? Here are some steps you might take:

1) What did I see? Where was learning taking place? What different sorts of learning was taking place in the different spaces? … MAKE A LIST!!

2) Once you have identified the different learning and the different spaces – THINK – how can I represent each one of those through dance?

3) Design a dance move and some dance steps for each different space and type of learning…. CHOREOGRAPH a small set of steps and movements… and choose the appropriate music.

4) Rehearse your dance steps to the music – make sure that the whole performance is no more than two minutes long if possible.

5) Ask a friend to video you doing the dance – or you video someone else who is prepared to do the dance for you.

6) Edit the video down to about two minutes and post to YouTube – so that you can share the video with us in Week 7.

7) You might want to make a poster – sharing how you put the dance together – and with the YouTube address on it – and display that W7 as well.


Of course – those reflective steps work no matter what ‘mode’ you have chosen:

*What have you actually observed? ALL the different learning – all the different learning spaces…

*How can you represent each thing that you saw: in knitting – in patchwork – in collage – in song – in a poem – in a short story – in an animation…

*Have a go – enjoy the struggle to communicate all the different things that you saw – in the medium that you are experimenting with…

*Wrestle with it till you are happy.


Good luck!

Tom & Sandra


One thought on “#becomingeducational W5: Observing teaching and learning – getting multi-modal

  1. Getting to grips with your Research Proposals – choosing a Research Method.
    The Proposal tells what you are going to do.
    The Report tells what you discovered when you did the things that you said…

    So – worry about the proposal first:

    Introduction (50-100 words) – what you are interested in and why

    Literature Review (500 words) – what other people have already written on your topic

    Method (250 words) – how you are going to gather data – and why that method

    Ethics – do no harm etc.

    We said NO QUESTIONNAIRES!! So you have to use a more creative, richer method than that.

    Some of you are thinking about getting your participants to produce collages – good. To justify this approach try this:

    What about using photographs? Try: http://cqx.sagepub.com/content/48/2/121.short

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