Don’t plan to present, plan to engage:  Making the most of web conferencing technologies for online learning and teaching


Thinking about harnessing the digital into your teaching?

Check out the Webinar on the 29th September!!

Teaching and Learning Conversations

A teaching and learning conversation with:

Rod Cullen MMU

Dr Rod Cullen

Manchester Metropolitan University

CalumCalum Thomson


When: Tuesday 29th September 12:00-13:30 (90 minutes)

About this conversation:

One of the aims of the 2015/16 TLC series is to experiment with the use of video conferencing tools to enable teaching and learning conversations, through webinars, that are actively engaging rather than a passive experiences for participants.  To start us off on this route Rod Cullen (MMU) and Calum Thomson (University of Salford) will facilitate a teaching and learning conversation that will explore the use of web conferencing technologies for online learning and teaching.

“We have been using web conferencing tools to deliver webinars ourselves for several years now as well as undertaking taking some research into emerging practices with the technology in Higher Education.  We have noticed that it is very easy to fall into a trap of simply using the technology to talk…

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