Week 27: Performance: ‘We Can Change it’!

#becomingeducational W27 The Final Performance!!


We all had an absolutely fabulous session with Sarah’s Group – so much to do – and so much to think about.

All of the activities required people to be themselves and to think – share – support each other – and BELONG.

These were all excellent exercises to build into any teaching context – as ice breakers – as communicators – and to encourage everybody – no matter how shy or reserved – to take part…

Personally I really liked all these activities coming at the end of our year – so that we could get to know a bit more about everybody… including perhaps those that had been too shy to speak till now.

Well done – AGAIN – to our fabulous students!!

Thanks for a truly engaging morning – and thanks to everybody who joined in with such energy, enthusiasm – and joy!!

All the best,
Sandra & Tom

(We are so proud of you all!)

Becoming an Educationist

Today was our group performance and it was fantastic. Our own idea ‘We Can Change it’! is based on the idea of Unity, Harmony and Cohesion. It is constructed to understand more about the feelings of children/students/adult learners and anyone really coming into a new experience such as work/school or learning. To be able to act in a positive manner with our peers and ultimately aid in effectively shaping wider institutions we are part of. There are a number of different personalities that make and form a class or come across on a daily basis, this will vary from those of us that are bold and will speak out vibrantly, those that are happy and will blend in with any situation and individuals that are sad and anxious at the daunting experience in starting something new.

Step 1: We all took part in the process of designing out T-shirts at…

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