Becomingeducational: W26: The Report, Essay and Blogs

A quick recap of where we are with the Assignments:

Research Project (30%):

  • Proposal – 1000 words – week 19 (10%) DONE – FINISHED!!
  • Report1000 wordsweek 29 (20%)

If you are not sure about this – scroll back through this blog – because we have discussed the Report in great detail over several weeks!

Week 30 – final submission of at least three portfolio components (30%)

These can be logs/blogs, self-representation, art portfolio, collage collection, reading record, research artefact, Digital Me artefact; Digital Me Poster, End of Year Performance…

You can submit anything that you want to get recognition for!! If in doubt, we did set you several projects to seed your creative engagement:


Reading – Make it fun

Writing – Blogging to learn

Develop a Digital Me

Resource based on your Research Project

End of year Performance.

Portfolio items – through Blog

Some of you want to offer your portfolio items through your blog extracts. Here you might have ONE blog post per thing that you want to submit. In each 300-500 word post, you need to discuss the artefact or resource or activity. Discuss means more than describe! Say something about why you have chosen it – what difference it has made to you as a student and/or you as a prospective educationalist. A good blog consists of concise, effective writing – with pictures – and possibly with links. You will need to PRINT OFF THE THREE BLOG POSTS AND SUBMIT THEM WITH A COVER SHEET.

Portfolio items – where one item = Blog

Some of you are really pleased with your whole blog (or with two or three of your whole blogs!!) – and so you want to submit the blog itself as a portfolio item. Here you might write a brief piece explaining the what, why and how of your blog – with the URL – and submit that…

Then think about the other things that you want to submit – and how you will do that – either through a blog post that you print off and submit – or you may be handing in a beautiful, illustrated note book or self-representation – or reading record… where you actually have to hand in the physical item itself.

Essay 1500 words – week 30 (40%)

‘To what extent has the module ‘Becoming an Educationalist’ prepared you for the reality of becoming an educationalist? Justify your answer with reference to at least three aspects of or activities on the course.’

Things to think about:

  • What does the module Becoming an Educationalist include? Why? What has it asked you to do/think/read/discuss/make? Why?
  • What is an educationalist? What do they have to do? How do they have to behave with their students? What characteristics or attributes would it be helpful for an educationalist to have? What should they DO? What should they NOT DO?
  • What activities have you enjoyed the most from the module? Why? How has any one particular one prepared you for the reality of becoming an educationalist?
  • What aspects of the module have you felt were useful or important for someone who is becoming an educationalist? Why? How has any one particular one prepared you for the reality of becoming an educationalist?
  • What other activity or aspect do you want to write about? Why? How has that particular one prepared you for the reality of becoming an educationalist?


PLEASE ask more questions – but  THROUGH THE COMMENTS box of the blog – then we can have WHOLE CLASS discussions rather than many one-to-one discussions through emails!

Good luck – and enjoy the assignments – Sandra & Tom


16 thoughts on “Becomingeducational: W26: The Report, Essay and Blogs

  1. Hello professor, I was under the impression that at the end of the year I need to submit 3 blogs, which would be 30% of the marks, but I read this in the module hand book and am slightly confused now.

    • At least three of your weekly reflections are formatively assessed (W3, 9, 15) – this means that there is no mark – but we will give you feedback.
    • Blog extracts can be submitted as portfolio components at the end of the course; together three portfolio extracts will be awarded 30% of your marks – this is important!

    Ermmm so what is the difference between blogs/portfolio, actually I mean can I send in 3 blogs for different weeks, with some written reflection of the day and the learning activities, pictures and links and video etc, and would that be consider as the 30% (marks) portfolio.

    • Hi Imran – I know it is a bit confusing – but we are actually just trying to give you more choice. So -YES – you can just print off and submit three blog posts about three of your best learning experiences. Job done!!
      On the other hand – if the module has inspired you to do something else – something more or different (but not a money-making project!!) – you can submit that instead of one of the blog posts…
      For example – if you had started making notes of your reading – using collage in a big notebook – you might want to actually hand in that notebook and get extra credit for your hard work and creativity… Do you see?

  2. Hi Sandra, two quick questions:
    1) Do we need to refer to secondary sources for the reflective essay?
    2) Someone said that we need to attach a blank consent form for the research report. Do we need to do that again if we’ve already done that for the research proposal?

    • Secondary sources in the essay – yes please!!
      No – you do not have to attach the consent form again – it’s really a boots & braces suggestion for those who may not have done it the first time around…
      Good luck!

  3. It was a good and useful question!!
    Mind you – if you wanted to do a different sort of ‘essay’ altogethr – a visual one or a multimodal one – we would be only too happy to accept it!!

    • Hiya!!
      We have been working in Romania for three weeks – just back.
      We are marking!
      Marks will be entered into the system on the 22nd June.
      Have a great summer!
      Sandra & Tom

    • Exploring different sources of information gives access to different voices – different points of view – different worlds… This can help us see things differently – understand things differently – and more deeply…

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