#becomingeducation_W25 And so they begin…

So we started the Becoming Module with a challenge: weeks 25, 26 and 27 you would take over the course – you would take over the whole class each week. What happened – what we learned – how we engaged – was up to you.

We hoped that you would divide into roughly three groups – and each group would have a week. How you tackled that week was down to you – you could make us sing or dance – you could put on a play or a musical – you could deliver academic presentations or organise an exhibition.
We did not know what to expect – we just hoped that you would enjoy the challenge – and that we would enjoy the results…

This first week we had ‘The Unstoppables’ – this group of 23 people worked together to put together a two and a half minute animation that brought together their thoughts on education… Yes – just 2.5 minutes!
They also produced a very short ‘How to…’ animation – and then they let us loose to make our own cartoons, animations, films.
Tom and I thought that they were wonderful:

and that their session was great!!
We also thought that you engaged with energy and enthusiasm.

Thank you all so much for joining in – we hoped you enjoyed it – we hope you had fun – and that you thought that valuable things happened!

Next week – Dan’s group!

And now another little challenge!
Tom and I are joining in with #rhizo15 – a sort of non-MOOC that explores the notion of education not from set readings or videos or lectures – but by starting the week with a challenge – a question – a provocative statement… and then the course or curriculum or learning emerges from the conversations and blog posts and tweets and FaceBook chats that emerge from the participants. It is a completely different way of education; very different from the formal schooling or higher education system. If this interests or intrigues you – why don’t you join in with #rhizo15 too?

The course opened with a challenge:

Check it out here:

Join in the conversation:

And on Twitter by checking the hashtag #rhizo15

This is one of the blog posts that we really enjoyed:

And here’s a bonus – cos it seems to fit – Henry Reed and ‘The Naming of Parts’ – you can listen to it as well:


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