#becomingeducational Easter blog

In class this week we spoke a lot about the need occasionally to slow down – to take time – to give the proper amount of time to a task and to our thinking. To follow this up here are a couple of Easter tasks for you to try.

Art for an Hour

Go to a museum or art gallery – find a picture or an object that you like or that you relate to or that moves you in some way.

Now just be with it for an hour.

Yes – I said one hour.

No phones, no talking to other people – no thinking about shopping, work, housework, assignments, friends or family. Just being with your chosen piece or object for one whole hour.

As you sit – you can look – listen – experience. You might sketch, make notes, doodle.

After the hour – write 300 words (no more – no less) on your art work or object.

Share your 300-words in your blogs – preferably with a picture of your art work or object to give a bit of context.

Share your reflections on  what it was like to do this strange thing!

Here’s my blogpost when I did the same activity for an #artmooc that I took: http://lastrefugelmu.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/livearthistory-w4-world-making.html – you have to scroll down to find the piece that begins:  Mostly it’s brown paper: spending an hour with a primitive portrait of my mother.

Featured Image -- 413

Data for an hour!

I think that you can guess what we’re going to suggest here?!

Once you have your Research Project raw data – do not rush to sum it up and dispose of it. Sit with it for an hour (at least!). Be with your data.

If it is written data – read and re-read. Annotate – high-light – doodle upon it. Draw little cartoons and pictures.  For an hour.

If you have collected visual data – again – sit with it. Look at it. Absorb it. Make notes – doodles – sketches. For an hour.

Once you have done your hour – free write 300-words that should be the first draft version of your Findings.

Reflect on the whole experience! Blog about it!

Move on to free write your Discussion – Conclusion – Recommendations.

Then keep revising them till they are actually polished and rather fine!!

AND – have a lovely Easter break!!


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