#becomingeducational W24 blog: Analyse this – write that: Visual Data!

This week we moved from analysing raw written data – to analysing raw visual data.
The process: we opened the session with an Image Mediated Dialogue (IMD) session – to ‘answer’ the questions:
• What does ‘feedback’ mean to you?
• What does ‘assignment’ mean to you?
• What is your big ‘sticking point’ with assignments?
We had to choose just one picture from a range of rich pictures that for us answered the questions… We had to write a DESCRIPTION of our picture – and move on to an ANALYSIS: the picture answers the question for me because… Following on from the writing – we moved into dialogic triads – where each person in turn presented and discussed their picture.
After a reflection on IMD as a way to start a lesson – begin an assignment – and as a research method – we moved on to analyse a collage produced by a group of staff – on the same assessment-focussed topics. Again – we had to engage in those first messy noticing steps – then gather ideas into arguments – discussion – conclusion and recommendations. And again – the point was not to get to the ‘right answer’ – but to engage in enough of this process so that we would know what to do with our own data – and how to start making sense of it for our own research reports.
If you want to have a go – analyse this picture in re attitudes to feedback and assessment:

A, A, Artefact Mooc December 2010 050

AND FINALLY – given that we conducted our IMD and our collage analysis on the topic of assessment – here’s a bonus activity: a Podcast on Kindness and Assessment:


3 thoughts on “#becomingeducational W24 blog: Analyse this – write that: Visual Data!

  1. Thanks for linking to the HybridPod episode! I’d welcome conversation about it over in the comments of that page. I’m not familiar with your IMD assignment, but I’m curious to know whether the Assessment & Generosity episode changed anyone’s thinking about their work.

    • Hi Chris – this Blog belongs to a first year ‘Becoming an Educationalist’ module – and that post was for the last week of term before the Easter break. I will try to see if there was any student response to your Assessment and Generosity episode… ALSO – I want to use that episode with staff on our Managing the Assessment and Feedback Process MA module – and will encourage staff to enter into that dialogue if at all possible. All the best, Sandra

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