#becomingeducational W23: Analyse this! Write that!!

The Research Report – a practical session
This week we prepared for writing our research reports by engaging with some real primary data – and going through the stages and processes required to turn raw data into:
* Findings
* Discussion
* Conclusion
* Recommendations.

The Research Question: What does ‘connected learning’ mean to you?
The Method: Collaborative writing as a means of enquiry (viz. Ken Gale)
The Data: A collaborative poem – accessed here: https://titanpad.com/sXgaTJMniP
The Process: first we brainstormed what ‘connected learning’ meant to us… A hard copy of the collaborative poem was given to each group – and we had to annotate, high-light – notice… then discuss – and do that all over again.
This was the messy bit where we were supposed to just jot down observations and ‘noticings’ – without yet trying to impose an order upon them.
After this we were encouraged to look for themes and motifs and the ‘story being told’ in the poem – how would we describe that in a 300-word Findings section? How would we then utilise our various Literature Reviews to discuss the Findings in a 300-word Discussion… And so forth.

The point of this session was to immerse us in the real processes that would be involved in analysing data – and in the struggle that we will engage in when we write our Reports. The point was the struggle and the process – not the ‘getting it right’.

So – this is a short blog post – if you have not engaged in that struggle yet – have a go at analysing the #ccourses poem for yourself! And then reflecting on the struggles that you had in your journey to make sense of it!

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