London Met Get Ahead Conference 2015

W22 11th March – Get Ahead Conference!!

So – for W22 Becoming became the Get Ahead conference!!

We decided to give precious class time to this event for MANY reasons!!

* It is good to see that University offers more than the lectures and seminars…

* Sometimes we need to be forced – er – heavily encouraged to try something different

* Dom was running a workshop – and it is good to support our colleagues

* There was free food (did I mention the free food?)

* It offered a space where something different could happen – if you let it…


SO – did you let something different happen?


Did you enjoy Get Ahead? Have you BLOGGED about it yet?!



Here’s a post from Sameera who was a Becoming student last year (and who really did enjoy Get Ahead then!!) – and who ran a stall on Peer Mentoring in Practice – with Toni, Sheilah and Noora…

I hope that you visited them on their stall – and that you are all thinking of doing the Peer Mentoring module next year – and that – YES – you did smile a bit and get involved a bit!!

See you Wednesday!!


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