Exploring the Issue of Play, open invite to contribute to the next CAM issue @academiccreator

#becomingeducational W22 – PLAY – write a short article??

This re-blog is about PLAY in HE. The Post is requesting short articles on the topic – written in friendly and accessible language – with pictures – and even with a doodled self-portrait…

We cannot think of a better bunch of people to think seriously about writing such an article!

You have played to produce your Digital Me’s – you have played as we made collages to learn – and drew to learn… you have played as we wrote our poetry on the topic of cheating… you have played in our Make Week – as part of our reflective learning – you are playing as you work up your live performances… Dom played as he delivered his excellent Zeega workshop at the Conference last week.

What has been the purpose of all this play? Has it promoted active learning? Has it countered the ‘implicit threat’ of those transitional spaces (Winnicott 1971)?

Will you be harnessing play in your own practice later on?

Go on – you know it makes sense – volunteer to write a brief media rich article – we will support you – and it will take your play to a whole new level!!


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