#becomingeducational W21 Make week!!


Fourth hour – rehearsal room: 12.00-13.00: BP2.22

Writing Club with Mentors: 13.00-14.00: BEL1.09

Get Ahead W22: Weds 11th March – from 09.00: attendance is part of Becoming!!!

Support Dom & Co: http://learning.londonmet.ac.uk/epacks/get_ahead_conf/


Collective reflection – and creative revision


What one activity have you enjoyed the best? Why?

What one ethos (active learning; creativity; PBL;  democratic learning; …?) has stood out for you so far? Why?

In pairs: Discuss your two things: What do they have in common? How do they differ?

In fours: How would you sum up the learning promoted by your chosen things? How do they relate to becoming a successful educationalist? How would you teach *one of* them to somebody else?

Pause: We think that #becomingeducational covered:

  • Belonging
  • Self-efficacy/Self-esteem
  • Academic Writing
  • Group work
  • Digital stuff
  • Drawing to Learn
  • Blogging to Learn
  • Critical thinking
  • Notes/reading .

And embodied:

  • Active learning
  • Question Based Learning
  • Object Based Learning
  • Project Based Learning
  • Inquiry Based Learning
  • Research Based Learning
  • Student as Producer
  • Creativity in Learning

Now – in fours – use the resources in the room and MAKE A GAME about what you think has been the most important or significant part of the course!

 What next? Think essay:

  • What is a good educationalist?
  • What (three) key aspects of the course will you write about?
  • Start writing and re-writing…
  • And collecting evidence…

 AND Think blogs:

  • Three blog posts – submitted W30 – as portfolio items
  • Showcasing your best moments/resources/experiences!
  • Choose three!
  • Make them better!

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