Becomingeducational W20: Analyse this!!

The research projects are under way. What do you do with all that data? This week we looked at the video ‘Z-A of University’ as (audio-visual) research data – and worked through how we might write that up as a RESEARCH REPORT.


Have a look yourself and try to really SEE and HEAR all that is going on:

This video was produced in answer to the question: Tell us your University story.

As such, for the purpose of this exercise, it can act like raw data to analyse.  This is our analysis journey.



In this example LOOK at and LISTEN to (several times) the video.

Make quick notes of all that you see and hear – without really analysing it yet.

Once you have gathered together your notes on the raw data – you can start to make sense of it.

Gather topics together – what sorts of images recur – what sorts of words are used over and over? What MOTIFS or THEMES seem to be emerging?

Reflect – and then describe your data overall concisely – and free write your first draft – under the heading:



The next step is to analyse the findings: what do they mean? What story are they telling? How does that story relate to the research question?

Once you have started this analysis process – collect your arguments together under the heading:



The next step is to draw conclusions on all this – again – related to your research question. So – in the light of (in this example) all that you have seen and heard – and the way that you have discussed that raw data – what conclusions can you draw? What have you discovered in this research project – via the data you have collected? You write that up in the section entitled:



Last step: in the light of that data – and your conclusions – is there any evidence that the situation you explored is already doing something right? Is there any evidence that we are doing things wrong – and any hints that we can do something better? You would write this up in a brief section entitled:



So – there you have it – a very quick and dirty look at moving from raw data to a research report.

Remember – in our class we only have 1000 words to write this up – so be very concise!!


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