Steal This Learning Log – Week Seventeen

#becomingeducational W17: Analysing data
Chloe entitled here post: Steal this Learning Log
So we have!!
Yes – it was W17 – and yes – for some – that was an Enhancement Week…
But we carried on regardless…
And Chloe has captured the whole session here – and in detail!!
For those wondering why we are analysing poetry – well – we need to analyse written data that we collect the same way that we wrestle with a poem- any poem!
Sandra & Tom


So were now in week Seventeen and coming closer to the end of the year which is scary to even contemplate!! I remember when we all just began!! From my recent learning logs, you will gather we have been focusing a lot on our research project. This morning we went through our research project some more but not as in-depth as our last lesson. Anyone who missed this lesson due to the enhancement week confusion, here’s what you need to know:

  •  This assignment will not be submitted online unlike all our other assignments, for this one in particular, you will need to print it out, along with a cover sheet and then hand in on week Nineteen, at the hub. Sounds simple enough?
  • Hopefully you will have noticed I mentioned a cover sheet, this isn’t one you make yourself and attach to the front. For this you will need…

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