The Make Challenge

#becomingeducational W15/16 Bonus Post

Here’s Chloe’s 30-day MAKE Challenge.

We are being challenged to make something.

Every day.

For thirty days!!

Cool challenge!

Get making…


Sandra & Tom


Hello and welcome to another creativity challenge!! So I had planned this challenge ages ago, amongst other challenges but as you all know, the workload at Uni got pretty hectic therefore I decided to wait and spread the challenges out throughout the year, just to keep you lovely lot busy and your blogs bursting at the seams with all your creativity. So without blabbering on any further, I shall introduce you to your next challenge, THE MAKE CHALLENGE. So this challenge is NOT a drawing challenge, you will actually have tomake things, whether it be from card, old newspapers, recycled bottles. . . whatever you fancy (it is supposed to be creative) just as long as it’s been made. This challenge will be another 30 day challenge, so here they are.

Day One: Dinosaur

Day Two: An Instrument

Day Three: Puppet (of your choice)

Day Four:…

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