Week 13: Back from the holidays

W13 … and this week’s guest blog…
This week Tom continued with the introduction to research – and to the #becomingeducational research projects – and THIS is a lovely blog post that seems to catch the whole session really really well! so – thank you for that – and a very happy and joyful new year to us all.


Sandra & Tom

Becoming an Educationist by Hana

We’re back and it’s 2015! We’ll be finishing our first year in a couple of months time! How did we get here so quickly?

Today, Tom told us that Sandra wasn’t feeling well so I hope she gets well soon.

The lecture and seminar was about our research proposal which is due in Week 19.

The research process has three main components:

  1. Research question/hypothesis
  2. Research design
    • Strategy
    • Framework
    • Participants
    • Method

3. Data collection

Tom told us about the importance of the framework of our research design – what we plan to do, how we do it, and who are our participants. If we get that right, collecting our data will be more efficient and worthwhile.

In the seminar, we got into small groups and we had to turn our backs to each other and take turns interviewing one other (i.e. the person we had our back to) about our research…

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