W10: The Official Blog!! Draw your Research!!

So – we really wrestled with RESEARCH (yes – it deserves those caps!)… But we’re not going to reproduce the lecture here – oh no – why would we do something as obvious as that?  Here’s the link to the Prezi: https://prezi.com/ow4jnz68mt-a/research-context-for-becoming/

And if you really want to make sure that you have it all – for yourself – to keep – for ever: then turn it into your own Comic Strip or Comic Book. Once you have converted the ideas to the appropriate images you will own this – and you will remember it. If you SHARE your illustrations with the rest of us – you can start a conversation going on the role of illustrations in promoting deep learning.

And to start us off thinking about the role that the visual can play in teaching, learning, assessment, communication and research – the day started with Draw to Learn – part two.



We urged you to develop your CREATIVITY:

We recommended VISUAL NOTES – and suggested you check out the examples on the visual literacies periodic tacle for inspiration:


We discussed DRAWING FOR RESEARCH – and how Kandiko Howson (2012) used student  Brainstorms & Pattern notes to explore student expectations about HE. Have a look at her Research Report – see how she has justified her METHOD – and how she uses the data she collected to produce her Findings:  http://www.kcl.ac.uk/study/learningteaching/kli/research/student-experience/student-expectations-perceptions-HE.aspx

And to encourage EVERYBODY to have a go at drawing – we highlighted Penny Pullman’s short video of a Graphics Made Easy Workshop: https://vimeo.com/95197809#comment_12535098

What’s stopping you? Get drawing!


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