#becomingeducational W8 blog: Get Digital!!

So, in January 2013, started this MOOC – life changed!
Check out: http://lastrefugelmu.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/edcmooc-elearning-and-digital-cultures.html

The class had 44,000 students spread around the world. We watched open source videos. We read open source texts. We had to produce a digital artefact that captured our learning.

You are joking? Produce a digital artefact – me?!

Oh yes.
We had to.
We did!

Each artefact had to combine at least text and images… It had to be peer reviewed. We had to peer review other people as part of *our* assessment.

It was scarey – it was challenging – and it was fun! Moreover – because we were finally forced to get digital – we did – and found that we could enjoy that too…

And lo – the #becomingeducational Develop a Digital Me project was born!!

We learned so much by being encouraged (okay – forced?!) to actually engage with some of these technologies… AND we want you to have some of that fun – that play – that engagement with technology. Because unless you make some time to PLAY with it – you will never master it.

So – have a look at some of the artefacts that our #edcmooc colleagues produced – see if anything inspires you – grabs your eye – makes you think, “Ummm okay – may be…” – and have a go.

We want you produce something a bit digital – and to produce a Conference Poster outlining what you did – why – and what you learned – for a Poster Exhibition W12.

What to do???!!!
Some of you are already thinking about alternative blog projects – some of you have spoken about enrolling on a free Coursera MOOC – some of you may still be stuck about what to do…

 have a play with some of the tools used in the artefacts below
 see what you enjoy
 may be – think if any of those tools could be used to set alternative assessments (not an essay – but a Voice Thread???)

#EDCMOOC – here’s our short artefact that our mate Andy helped us to make in GoAnimate:

And here are some cool examples from #edcmooc classmates:
Angela’s thinglink: http://www.thinglink.com/scene/360982057624535042#tlsite

Fran Monaghan’s VoiceThread: beautiful, gentle and a low-tech, high-tech:

David Hopkins’ Prezi – brilliant images – excellently chosen clips! http://prezi.com/e9y6ipsovanb/digital-artefact-edcmooc/

(And his whole blog on the topic: http://www.dontwasteyourtime.co.uk/elearning/digital-artefact-for-edcmooc-wk-5/ )

And Ess Garland’s timeline – and now for something completely different!

Theo Kuechel’s PinBoard – if an ‘essay’ is a form of curation about the learning on a course –this is a very different form of curation:

Kevin Eagan’s unique take – an annotated blog… http://digitalmarginalia.tumblr.com/post/44112018112/why-digital-marginalia-matters

AND – if you really want to go for it:
Terry Elliot’s Zeega:
Or our Collaborative poem:

OR – if you are a frustrated movie maker – try:
Ary’s stunner – but it is nearly 5 mins long: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=II_1nwaTZBQht

And June B’s blog plus vimeo artefact – film of avatar discussing the course – bit long – but full of potential:

#CCOURSES – and Shukie’s important question:

TIP: If you make a movie for us – it should be ABOUT ONE MINUTE LONG – AND DEFINITELY NO LONGER THAN TWO MINUTES!!!


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