Posters, ‘Spineless’ Reports and Fast Rhetorics

W7 – The Poster Presentations!!

Oh – you were marvellous!

Yes – probably we spent too long sitting…

BUT – what great presentations!!

AND – oh what a fabulous audience you were!!

thank you all so much for your hard work – your energy – and your enthusiasm!!


Here’s a Tactile Academia Post on Posters…

Tactile Academia

I have wanted to do a post on posters for a while. As somebody with an interest in graphic design who also did a tiny little bit of it as part of her undergraduate degree (specifically designing promotional material for theatre productions), I was always baffled by the academic research poster as a genre. The posters I have come across at conferences are often very dense affairs that are text heavy, and I have often wondered what the point of them was, as whenever I was confronted by a room full of them, my patience for reading dropped from low to non-existent. Let’s face it, a poster session at a conference isn’t really the ideal environment to read…

And then came the time when I had to do a research poster myself, as part of my teaching qualification. I had great plans to do it differently – not much text…

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