#becomingeducational W6: Preparing for Poster Presentations

This week started with lively collage, poster-like presentations on the academic reading that we have covered so far:
Giroux’s article on lessons to be learned from Freire:

And Thornburg on metaphors of learning spaces: http://tcpd.org/Thornburg/Handouts/Campfires.pdf
Some excellent insights were shared – and obviously we hope you can see *why* you were asked to read BOTH of these articles!?
(NB: If using these pieces in your Poster Presentations – do not forget to reference them: Author (date) ‘Title’ location, publisher – and date of access)

In the seminar time, Tom covered some finer points about academic presentations with a focus on what they are – why we ask students to prepare and deliver them – and how to prepare for them – successfully.
If you missed this session, you might like to catch up.
For presentations go here:
This also has downloadable study packs designed to help you plan your academic presentations.

And for tips on Positive Thinking, useful for all our academic work but essential to help us with presentation nerves, go here:
Additional Resources
This website gives tips on Poster Presentations:
And this gives tips on preparing academic posters for conferences:

However – you do not *have* to make a formal conference poster – we are happy for you to be creative here – so you can make a collage poster – or a Prezi one (use http://www.prezi.com)… And check out David Hopkins’ one – brilliant images – excellently chosen clips! http://prezi.com/e9y6ipsovanb/digital-artefact-edcmooc/

Or be even more creative with Zeega – check out Terry Elliot’s Zeega: http://zeega.com/162387
Or Thinglink or voice thread:
Here’s Angela’s thinglink: http://www.thinglink.com/scene/360982057624535042#tlsite
And Fran Monaghan’s VoiceThread – beautiful, gentle and a sort of low-tech, high-tech: http://voicethread.com/?#q.b4186028.i21377601

We are meeting at nine for final Poster Presentation rehearsals in our normal room – there will be an early coffee break – and the Poster Presentations start at ten in TM-237… GOOD LUCK!!!

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